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Keep Waxing Throughout Winter

Winter is definitely here! Even though we can't complain too much about the weather, most of us are layering up. As the layers increase, we think less about waxing. We're encouraging you to keep on waxing, and here are three reasons why. 

The Hair Growth Cycle

Through years of perfecting our technique and by using  Lycon Wax, we make removing hair at the root easy. This is good for weakening the follicle's ability to grow strong and thick hair. By maintaining your routine throughout the winter, waxing will continue to be a pain-free experience as your hair will be thinner. Did you know, our hot wax can grab hairs as short as 1mm in length and our strip wax can remove hair as short as 2mm? 

Keep Dead Skin Away 

Another great benefit to frequent waxing is that you are actively removing dead skin on a regular basis. By routinely doing this, you are revealing your smooth and soft skin underneath. We love seeing you glowing on your way out. 

Prevent Ingrown Hairs 

Even though Anna loves tackling ingrown hairs, we can help you prevent them. Ingrown hairs occur when new hair does not break the skin and curls underneath. This can often be painful or cause you to become self-conscious. 

Set yourself up for a smooth winter and rest assured that when you do have to ditch the layers, you're wearing your best skin. 

Stop in for a visit soon, we look forward to seeing you. 

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