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Why you need a Reflexology treatment with Alpho


Alpho is our expert on Reflexology. Explore the reasons why you should build it into your wellness regime.


Touch the feet, heal the body and calm the mind



August Special

 Reflexology with back, neck & shoulder massage

$149.00 / 60 minutes


My name is Alpho and I have been practicing Reflexology for almost ten years. What interests me about Reflexology is that different points of the feet, lower legs, hands and ears are connected to different organs of the body. 


Since I mostly concentrate on the feet, it is amazing what I can find out regarding different parts of the body in which sometimes a client is not even aware that it might be related to his or her health issues. The feet can tell a story. By working on different pressure points, I find clients can get relief and relax. For example, by working on the Solar plexus and diaphragm, a client can relax and their anxiety is minimized bringing about improved and deep breathing.


I believe that Reflexology treatments are worth getting as it mostly helps to decrease blockages from zones in the foot to the areas like the organs themselves without directly affecting the organs. Reflexology is used to indirectly increase the energy and circulation to those areas to help organs heal themselves and function better. 


Reflexology is a holistic measure that can be used to promote good health.


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